About Us

Next Level nonprofits are advancing social justice by leveling the playing field so that historically underserved populations have the opportunity to thrive. We serve nonprofits that are beyond the start-up and early growth phases typically served by social impact accelerator programs and capacity-building organizations. They are closely connected to the communities they serve and are poised to achieve the next level of impact. We eliminate the most cumbersome and time-consuming processes that are required by many funders and capacity builders – making it easier and more convenient for nonprofits to access vital resources.

Massachusetts is home to 30,000 nonprofits.  A select number of these nonprofits not only have strong programs with a track record of success, they have the significant potential to do more. And with the support of Next Level they can reach their next level. We envision a local nonprofit sector where Greater Boston’s strongest nonprofits have the resources they need to thrive, where middle stage organizations with proven solutions receive the right resources at the right time to catalyze growth and accelerate their impact. Next Level supports nonprofits that are driving social justice so that local communities can thrive.