Partnering for social
and economic justice

Next Level Social Impact works to eliminate persistent inequities and barriers to opportunity
for people and communities in Greater Boston.

Our job is to find the most promising nonprofits best positioned to create impact and give them
the resources they need to do it.

We are impatient with the pace of progress to a better society and will work tirelessly for change.


Identify Potential

Partner with community leaders to find and select organizations best positioned to make significant impact

Coordinate Action

Leverage Next Level’s financial resources and network of experts to provide strategic and sustained support

Accelerate Impact

Build organizational capacity needed to drive change, improve lives, and transform communities

Next Level provides more than just financial capital. We provide game-changing support
for our portfolio organizations through our network that always includes human and social capital.

We are highly collaborative and build two-way trust, transparency, and commitment alongside
our portfolio organizations.

We measure impact every step of the way holding ourselves and our portfolio accountable
to key performance indicators.

Track Record of Success

We partner with organizations who already have track records of success, but who are not yet operating at scale; we help take them to the next level of impact and growth

Strong Management Team

We find thoughtful leaders who have engaged a high performing team around a bold vision for change

Social Impact Potential

We look for organizations with innovative programs creating social and economic justice for communities of color, youth, and immigrant populations


Next Level Social Impact partners with established organizations addressing social
and economic justice with the potential to achieve significant impact in greater Boston.
We are committed to supporting leaders of color and leaders who come from the communities they serve.


Next Level Social Impact: Partnering for Social and Economic Justice

Our founding team shares its vision for collaboration, impact, and change for people and communities in greater Boston.

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Next Level Social Impact Announces Investment in Budget Buddies, Strategic Partnership with Common Impact

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